The Paint Piranha Paint Cleaning Tool

The Paint Piranha Paint Cleaning Tool of Professionals.

The Paint Piranha started selling at Lowe’s on April 29 2015. The device is available on Lowe’s website.

Now hundreds of millions of gallons of water per year will be saved in California and all of U.S.A.

Hello, I am Richard Junkins with the Paint Piranha. I have been talking to Diane Banchero Senior Business Development Specialist Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development. We are in 3 different industries. The Paint Piranha is seriously considering locating in California. In the next month or so the Paint Piranha will be featured on several News TV Stations. We look forward to helping California with its water problems. This is a release describing how this product will help with your current problems.

The Paint Piranha has obtained a massive amount creditability from these highly respected businesses. All businesses that have already issued or shown their segment of The Paint Piranha have never asked Paint Piranha for a penny. CBS affiates chose The Paint Piranha as the best new over all industry product of 2013. You can see the countdown to number 1 on the home page of Paint Piranha Tv Show, called Deal Or Dud. On the September issue of “This Old House” on page 105 and 107, the editor said unlike the Paint Brush Combo, the Paint Piranha removes paint from a Paint brush. Also on the May 2014 issue of American Paint Contractor magazine, there is a write up on the device under their tool bag chapter.
Also see the write up in “Paint and Coatings” industry magazine May 2014. Check out “Extreme how To” magazine, scheduled for May 2015 to see us there.
The device has been on many TV news stations in the USA . We are going to be on a prime Time TV show called “Bay Area Life” that is to air around our opening day in Lowes home Improvement stores on April 29 2015.

List of industry’s we are currently in:

  1. Paint Brushes and Rollers used when painting homes and buildings.
  2. Paint Brushes ,Roller Covers used when painting on a canvas and decorative.
  3. Make Up or Facial Brushes used when applying make up.

The Paint Piranha Paint Cleaning Tool Saves Water

Now hundreds of millions of gallons will be saved in the U.S every year, by using the Paint Piranha. Dollar for dollar the Paint Piranha saves more water than any other method or device.

Brush cleaning that once took a gallon of water, now with the Paint Piranha, takes a pint. That’s the same as buying or using one gallon of water and saving up to 7 gallons.

The same can be said about oil based products. V.O.C. is hazardous to humans and the environment, so much so that in most states there is a law limiting the amount in paint and solvents per gallon. By lowering the amount of wasted paint, solvents, paint brushes and roller covers that go into our landfills, we our helping our environment and making our planet a safer place to live.

It is impossible to police everyone who buys a gallon of paint, but by supplying a way to save money and time you will give people a greater reason to save water, paint, solvents paint brushes roller covers. By saving money and time people will do things that normally they would not do.

The Art Paint Piranha

The Art Paint Piranha works the same as the large Paint Piranha, only it is smaller with fine teeth. Chuck Long is a professional Artist that specializes in water color canvas painting. Mr. Long has paintings in museums around the USA.
In Huntsville, Alabama, he is a ledge. Mr. Long purchased an Art Piranha. After several months passed I asked Mr.Long how he liked it. He said that he wished he would of had it from the beginning of his career. Coming from him, that comment was very satisfying.

Paint Piranha Works On All Types of Paint!

The Paint Piranha has started revolutionizing the Painting industry and here’s how. Now everyone that takes on a painting project can start painting like a pro and double their speed just by using the Paint Piranha. When painting with a brush, paint will start to dry on the outer bristles of your paint brush. This will start to occur after 30 minutes to an hour and if you are in hot dry climates, it will happen even faster.

Simply rake the Paint Piranha through the bristles a couple of times as needed. (Less than 15 seconds without water on latex or oil based solvents on oil paint.) When paint starts drying on your paint brush this will make your ability to paint difficult and lower your finish quality.

The Paint Piranha also restores old brushes back to like new condition and cleans roller covers.
The next big thing in painting is here with the Paint Piranha. Learn more as you check out the features below and you will be amazed.

The Paint Piranha was the NUMBER ONE Deal on WHNT’s Deal or Dud

According to WHNT’s website, The “Top Deal of 2013” comes from a local inventor. Richard Junkin had a painting business that suffered greatly when the economy crunched in 2007 and into 2008. Literally, he prayed to God for help and inspiration. He says that prayer was answered. The images of the jaws for the Paint Piranha came to mind immediately. The Paint Piranha is a device that removes paint from paint brushes. There is a small version for artists and a larger version for commercial painters. At last report, Richard Junkin had 45,000 Paint Piranahas headed to big box stores for test markets across the country.

Here’s the excerpt from the show.

Art Piranha, Paint Piranha, Mini-Piranha

Whether you are a home-owner, a commercial painter or an art student, the Paint Piranha can save you time, money and frustration.

The Paint Piranha paint remover is capable of cleaning out a paintbrush that has fully hardened in two minutes. The Piranha is fully functional. It cleans paintbrushes and roller covers. Most paintbrushes, when cleaned using other methods can take up to 30 minutes to clean thoroughly. Because of the speed of the Piranha and the accuracy of cleaning each bristle, the time drops down to just a few minutes!

The Paint Piranha will pay for itself in the first day of use and will save paint contractors thousands of hours of tool cleaning.  It is eco-friendly because it dramatically reduces the amount of paint that is discarded on every job.  The Piranha cleans all styles, sizes, and brands of paint brushes and roller covers.  Now you can afford a high quality brush without fearing that one accidental failure to clean it results in a useless brush.  And, with the Paint Piranha you no longer have to get paint or solvents on your hands.

Visit the areas of our site for details your specific painting tool needs.  Also, be sure to check our blog for timely tips on painting tools, paint cleaning tools and ways to use your paints more efficiently.

Directions for Use

Art Brush CleanerWhen a paint brush is first put into paint it will work as good as the quality of the brush is. Depending on the temperature, the paint will dry around the outside of the brush. This normally happens around 30 to 45 minutes. When this occurs it will reduce the speed of the painter and drastically reduce the quality of the painter.
By simply raking the paint brush with the Paint Piranha this will remove the dry paint and restore the speed and quality of work back to the moment you first started painting.
When using the Paint Piranha on dried out brushes you must always use water on latex and solvents on oil based paints.
Pour a small amount of cleaner into a container normally used when cleaning paint brushes. How long a brush has been dried will determine how long it will take for the paint to detach from the bristles.
Once the paint looks like its lose or breaking up, hold your brush over the container with one hand and then hold the Piranha over the container with your other hand.
Place the teeth of the Paint Piranha as close to the crown of the brush.
Easily squeeze the handle of the paint Piranha and pull it through the brush.
If it feels like you have snagged or it feels difficult to pull the Paint Piranha threw the bristles of the brush STOP and place the brush back into the cleaner to allow it to continue to soften. Repeat this process until clean.
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